Special Edition Magazines Created for
Bold Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders.

Put Your Story into their Hands.

Convert Leads. Build Community. Change the World.


Get your message heard with an on brand, authoritative magazine that moves your audience to take action. 

You are changing lives, but you need to break through the digital clutter and stand out for the excellence and forward-thinking services and programs that you offer. There is no one like you - so why are you following the same strategies of everyone else?

Want to know how to really engage clients and prospects about how you're changing the world? Studies show that magazines engage audiences with content for between 30 and 60 minutes of undistracted viewing time.  Here's what else readers of print magazines do. They take inspired action. 

  • Put your story into the hands of your audience in a "done-for-you" special edition magazine.

  • Audiences remember and take action after reading something in print.

  • Be the thought leader on their coffee table or desk.

Magazine readers consume information with a relaxed mind-set, savoring each page of your magazine and giving your message the attention it deserves, with no notification pop-ups and onscreen distractions. Print validates and builds trust.

Perooz Custom Magazines offer a unique, no-hype, experience about your brand, for your community.  

  • Exquisitely developed and designed with your content.

  • Printed on premium quality papers and finishes.

  • Also available in fully interactive, digital format.

  • New for 2019! Learn how we can send your content to Apple News

Here's more proof why your story will resonate with your audience when they read about it in a Print Magazine*

"Magazines are more relaxing than digital and it's enjoyable to hold something when reading"

"In digital, I may read an article – in print, I consume the whole thing."

"A magazine is an intimate experience with no interruptions"

"I still get excited every time a new issue arrives in the mail. There is nothing quite like sitting down, shutting off all the noise and diving into a print magazine."

"A print magazine is source I can refer to time and time again to easily find my favorite article or product."

"Reading a magazine is an intimate experience with no interruptions"

From the September 2017 Freeport Press Survey

Here's how we do it.


  1. Strategize about your magazine vision, discover your amazing content and discuss distribution ideas.

  2. Plan the look and feel with our concierge-style on-boarding.

  3. Guide you in gathering images and other assets with our checklists, file sharing systems and support.


  1. We write, design, and edit your magazine.

  2. We share proofs twice along the way and finalize edits .

  3. We finalize print quantities and shipping points.


  1. Your magazines are on the way.

  2. Links to unlimited access, interactive magazine and online social sharing features hitting your email inbox.

  3. Schedule Your Live Unboxing Video.

You've Nurtured Your Audience

Now convert more of your engaged leads into sales.

You have generated and nurtured your leads with awesome content marketing. You're killing it! Now, send prospects that should be converting, an even deeper dive into your results. Perooz Custom Magazines are an offline component of your successful content strategy, building your brand equity and solidifying your position as the thought leader.

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Keep Your Team Focused on Revenue Stream Goals

Put our expertise to work with minimum effort from your busy staff.

If you are thinking, I can't pile one more task on my staff or they might quit! Relax. There is no need to pull resources from your own team for this new marketing initiative. Keep them focused on your revenue stream goals while we go to work developing the best mix of features, articles, success stories, event coverage and more with a minimum effort from your staff. 

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On Brand and in Their Hand

Printed custom magazines validate and influence buyers

Each publication we create is as unique as your brand - intelligent and fun! Perooz Magazines feature brilliant reproduction quality and a luxurious look and feel.  Your very own magazine will be a captivating read that your audience will return to again and again. We create your magazine exclusively for you, in your voice and on brand.

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