Special Edition Magazines Created for
Mission-Driven Businesses

Put Your Story into their Hands.


Build Lasting Relationships. Make ‘Em WANT TO BUY. BE THEIR FAVORITE Brand.


If you want to change more lives and help more people, you are going to have to break through all the digital noise that is confusing your audience.

Are you still using the same online tactics as everyone else, when there is a proven way to rise above it? Brand magazines aren’t for everyone, which is why for those who have them - they are increasing revenues and building lasting relationships.

Be remembered. move your audience to take inspired action.

  • Magazine readers stay with your message longer - between 30 and 60 minutes of undistracted viewing time. 

  • Your brand is 70% more memorable in print than online!

  • 64% of magazine readers take steps towards a making a purchase.

Magazine readers consume information with a relaxed mind-set, savoring each page of your magazine and giving your message the attention it deserves, with no notification pop-ups and onscreen distractions. Print validates expertise, builds trust and establishes authority.

Perooz Custom Magazines are a done-for-you, unique, experience for your community that adds little to no work for you and your team.

  • Exquisitely developed and designed with your content.

  • Printed on premium quality papers and finishes.

  • Available in fully interactive, digital format and in print.

  • New for 2019! Learn how we can send your content to Apple News

Be the thought leader on their coffee table or desk.


Need more proof that your story will resonate with your audience when they read about it in a Print Magazine?*

“Magazines are more relaxing than digital and it's enjoyable to hold something when reading.”

“In digital, I may read an article – in print, I consume the whole thing.”

“A magazine is an intimate experience with no interruptions.”

“I still get excited every time a new issue arrives in the mail. There is nothing quite like sitting down, shutting off all the noise and diving into a print magazine.”

“A print magazine is source I can refer to time and time again to easily find my favorite article or product.”

“Reading a magazine is an intimate experience with no interruptions”

From the September 2017 Freeport Press Survey


Here's how we do “Done for You” 


Together, we strategize about your magazine vision, discover content to repurpose and discuss magazine distribution ideas.

We uncover the look and feel of your magazine brand and recommend a page count

We guide you in gathering images and other assets with our checklists, file sharing systems and support.


Your magazine content is developed, edited, and designed for you on brand, and in your voice. We provide heavy copyediting and proofreading of your existing content. New content can be created as well. Two separate opportunities to view full proofs before publishing are provided.

Our stock photo libraries will supplement your provided photos and graphics.


Your magazines are delivered in a interactive online format for unlimited, worldwide social sharing.

Print-ready files are created for high-quality print production. Choose your print quantities and develop shipping plans.

Your custom launch plan may include social media graphics, a Live unboxing video, direct mail strategy and shipping.