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Gina Lauria Daschbach, founder+Creative Director


I've been getting lost in magazines since I was a little girl. I love the way they feel and smell, and how you can tote them around from here to there. I find it very hard to toss magazines in the recycling basket - they usually take a little tour around - from the kitchen counter, to the coffee table, to the nightstand and even tote bag. (Ask, my husband - lol). And, when I am finally ready to part with a magazine - it's usually because I know there will be another one coming along soon.

I'd love to help you to share your success stories about how you are changing the world. I am amazed, although, not so surprised, to learn how immersed other people get in magazines, too. Magazines are deeply engaging. The mindfulness that happens while reading a magazine - when our phones are not interrupting our brains with notifications or low battery warnings is pretty spectacular.  

Magazines are a sophisticated and fun way to keep your audience engaged for longer than brochures or blog posts. Our recent projects include Inkubated!, an 80 page magazine created for book publishing guru, Angela Lauria, of The Author Incubator, and Fibromyalgia Coaching, a magazine created for Tami Stackelhouse of The International Institute of Fibromyalgia Coaching and Expert Speaker Magazine created for The Expert Speaker Institute. We are also the designers for a scholarly journal called The Cyber Defense Review for the Army Cyber Institute at WestPoint Military Academy, which makes us feel very red, white and blue.  

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