Frequently Asked Questions


If you don't see the answer to your question here, please contact us for the answer and we'll add your question here for others. Thanks. 

Your custom magazine could be in the hands of your audience in less than 90 days. Ready? 



How many pages would you like? We have found that most of our clients messages work out nicely in a 24 or 36 page magazine format. And audiences, respond to this size and format at well.  We have also created gorgeous, emersive magazines with a up to 80 pages of stories and editorial. 

How long before i get my magazine into the hands of my readers?

If you don't currently have all your assets ready to go (strong branding, photos, imagery, branded content - such as podcasts, blogposts and an email library),  our project cycle time is 8-10 weeks. We'll move you right through our program with our proven process. 

how do i distribute my magazine for the best impact? 

We have lots of experience with distribution strategy. This will can be reviewed on your Discovery call and along the way during the development process. Think beyond mail - to live events, swag bags, welcome kits, networking opportunities and more.  

What if i want more than 100 copies? 

We include 100 printed copies with your initial plan. But, we will offer you opportunities to increase your quantities. Many of our clients increase that number or if time in their schedule allows - they review and distribute the first 100 and then plan a bulk order. 

Can I  use my own printer?

It's important to us to retain the quality control of our publications. We will handle all of the printing for you and will retain the press ready files. We will provide you with digital files for your online marketing. 


will i have access to all the design source files?

Your Perooz Brand Magazine will be provided to you in a PDF format  that you can use for digital marketing. We do not give you access to our raw design files. 

How Many changes and edits can I make? 

Our most efficient processes require that all copywriting and text files are proofread and approved prior to the design phase. However, we understand that typos happen, and sometimes content needs to be reconsidered. We offer two rounds of edits. A final, third draft is sent to you for sign off and approval prior to printing. Changes after sign-off may incur an hourly design-edit fee of $150/hr.

what is perfect binding?

Perfect binding is the square edged binding with the pages glued into the cover. Saddle-stitching is the name for the finishing where the pages of the magazine are folded and stapled in the gutter. You must have an adequate number of pages to accommodate perfect binding. Our 36 page magazines can accommodate perfect binding. 

How often should i produce a magazine?

This is your Special Edition! You do not need to create a monthly or even bi-monthly magazine. We specifically create your magazine to be "evergreen'. We will design it so that it is does not have a seasonal look or feel, unless you would like it to be. We recommend an annual or bi-annual edition.