Do Custom Branded Content Magazines Measure Up as a Brand Strategy?

There is no denying that a beautiful, print magazine in all its glossy glory, can captivate an audience.  The stats are crazy with measurements that range from 25 – 40 minutes of mindful perusing. But, can you actually measure the results of using custom magazines as a branding strategy?

Content marketing drives deep engagement with your targeted audience with the goal of having a conversation, creating loyalty and growing retention. Digital marketing provides an incredible platform with analytics that measure just about everything imaginable in just a few clicks. So, it’s reasonable to question an expense like a printed, custom branded content magazine. It is literally one of the most tangible forms of marketing – that seemingly offers less tangible tracking and measurement than most digital marketing options.

Here are some key ideas to consider.

First, a branded content magazine is not just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, like handing out t-shirts and business cards. Audiences for branded content print magazines are targeted based on their specific preferences. This is your audience!

Are your prospects still downloading all your freebies? If so, that’s great. But, do you have another plan? Because you should be warned that studies are showing that it is growing more difficult to get an email address in exchange for a PDF download and other lead magnet strategies. And, with social media algorithms in constant flux, it’s important to think about options that will set your above the fray.

Audiences are getting choosier; they are demanding more value in exchange for their information. Put a free, printed magazine into their hands, and they will engage with your content for 25 – 40 minutes. Often times, print magazines are returned to and re-read several times – before landing for a good while on a coffee table or desk corner.

For top entrepreneurs and thought leader brands that are tired of shouting into the digital ocean, Perooz – The Magazine Creator, offers your audience a premium experience, with high-quality, artfully designed and luxuriously printed magazines, filled with your stories that will rise above the digital storm and be heard. Custom magazines created by Perooz also include an interactive, digital component as well – and that offers some great statistics of read time and number of visitors. But, it’s the printed magazines that create the real buzz where leads convert to sales.

Immersive, Mindful Engagement Makes for a Loyal Community

From a measurements stand-point, most digital marketers are happy to learn that a visitor engaged with their online content for two minutes before swiping away from their blog or video.

How does 30 minutes sounds?

A study from CMO, shows that print magazines in the hands of their targeted audience are read for an average of 25 and even up to 40 minutes. Why? Because, the experience is rich and tactical. Think about it, there is literally a physical connection with your brand. Imagine your audience actually holding your message in their hands – it’s an extraordinary example of being part of your community. Immersive, mindful engagement is undeniable when work email notifications aren’t popping up, and phone batteries aren't dying mid-sentence.

Done right, readers will cherish, collect, share and even display magazines. Premium quality, branded content magazines offer a valuable opportunity to connect deeply with your community.

Can You Measure Branding?

Branding, and custom magazines fall squarely into that bucket, has a strong role in your ROI, but it doesn’t provide the straight forward, measurable returns that digital marketing offers.

Or does it?

What branding does have, is the ability to convey to your ideal clients how they should think about you when they hear your company’s name. Bold branding efforts, like custom magazines, have the power to promote your business, introduce new products and services, build your reputation, and stand-out from your competitors.

Branding is more than the buzzword of the moment. And, it is certainly more than your logo and chosen typeface and color. We know, unequivocally, that strong brand is one of the most important and valuable assets a business has. It’s the voice behind your message to the world. Even so, it is a lot easier to continue to invest in building and promoting your brand when you have hard data to back it up. Greater brand awareness and higher sales typically go hand in hand.

Before you can determine ROI of your branding efforts, it’s important to set some baselines of things to measure – from social media engagements, media coverage and opportunities, web traffic and more. You should be cultivating, monitoring, and measuring on a regular basis using metrics from keyword tools, website analytics, and SOV (share of voice) indicators.

Some things you may be able to measure are:

  • Your brand words or phrases used in search terms
  • Random visits vs. intentional ones
  • Unique URL leading to custom landing page used exclusively throughout your magazine
  • Unique hashtags specific to your custom magazine to monitor followers and retweets, magazine mentions
  • Create polls and surveys to determine reach and engagements and to measure awareness about your magazine

If you are looking to be the voice that your audience remembers and ultimately chooses, a brand content magazine maybe be the right investment for you. Creating your own custom magazine is a bold step toward your goals for brand success.

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