Being Connected: Oprah's Force Behind Creating "O" Magazine

Eighteen years ago, in May of 2000, Oprah launched the premier issue of "O" Magazine featuring motivational stories, inspirational quotes, book reviews, intimate interviews, and all her favorite things. Her fans couldn’t put their hands on it fast enough.

Since then the magazine industry has changed quite a bit. And print isn’t even the most vibrant element of her brand. An article about her 15th anniversary year, in WWD Media noted that

"O’s newsstand sales in 2014 totaled 298,980, down 49.8 percent since 2010, and its total paid and verified circulation slid 2.9 percent in four years to 2.4 million but Winfrey is sticking to her guns. “We’ve seen the advertising sales landscape, the financial landscape change for everybody actually, in the business. But our number-one intention is being connected to the reader, which is really the force behind the reason why I started the magazine,” she said, adding that Hearst editorial director Ellen Levine was instrumental in getting her on board 15 years ago.

Levine’s pitch was simple: "there’s a pass-along readership for women with magazines that isn’t as common for books, which Winfrey loves. With print, you have a keepsake." 

In the last decade, many magazines have folded or gone digital as the traditional business model - mass distribution, newsstand sales, paid circulation, and of course, ad revenues - haven’t held up so well in our online business economy and digital culture.

Yet, people still LOVE PRINT. It's undeniable. People still love to read magazines and pass them on. That has not changed.

Magazines are still read by nearly every demographic - including Millennials. The average is reported to be 25 minutes to upwards of 51 minutes. 147 million adults have read an average of 428 million print magazines in the last 20 days.

That’s why I created my company, PEROOZ - The Magazine Creator

You don’t need wide distribution. You only need your community.

You don’t need to advertise other people’s products and compromise your message. You only need calls to action to sell your programs and services that will help people live better lives.

You don’t need paid subscription and circulation services. You just need opportunities to get your magazine into peoples hands such as life events, conferences, networking, speaking engagements and select targeted mailings to your community.

You don’t need a massive print run. You only need to print your magazine on demand in the quantities that you need right now.

You don’t need to commit to monthly or even seasonal issues. To make and impact, you may only need a special annual keepsake edition with a message that resonates and inspires your audience to take action.

I am creating publications for today’s bold entrepreneurs and thought leaders so they can get their message into the hands of their audience, build their communities and change the world.

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