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What really interested me about working with Perooz, is that I knew having a magazine to use to promote my business would be as good, and in some ways better, than having a book. Each time I write a new book, it takes me a year or so to get from concept to published. The “done for you” method of creating engaging a magazine for my brand was quick and easy. Perooz was able to extract the content and finish quickly with almost no time or energy from me or my team.

Having our own brand magazine establishes instant authority and credibility for me and brand.
— Majeed Mogharreban, Founder, The Expert Speaker Institute
When I first thought about creating a custom magazine, I worried about the time investment. I don’t have a lot of extra time — even the idea of creating a brochure has felt overwhelming. Now, I have something even better to use: a custom magazine! The best part is that it took almost no time from me. I am seriously blown away with how little was needed from me; Perooz really did it all! They did a fantastic job of capturing everything from who I am, to what I do, and what I feel like. I guess I can go ahead and cross that brochure off my project list!
— Tami Stackelhouse, Founder of the International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute
Take this interactive magazine for a spin.

Take this interactive magazine for a spin.

Gina has it all. She is strategic, visionary and brilliant, plus she knows how to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. When we did our magazine, Inkubated!, I was 100% sure without her I could do a really good magazine but with her I would get something revolutionary that not only massively impacted our revenue and raised our brand profile but also that set a new standard industry wide. I was right.”

Her eye for design and art direction is unparalleled and innate, beyond that she saved me thousands of dollars during the project by making really smart, decisions that allowed me to get the project done and meet all of our deadlines, but still create phases and iterations, so we weren’t saddled with expensive last minute changes.
— Dr. Angela Lauria, The Author Incubator
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I knew that I was working with an industry leader from the beginning of our project. I love working with professionals who are at the top of their game! Gina and her team bring innovation, excellence, enthusiasm, and teamwork to every project. Working with world-class designers and managers is a wonderful experience. It is an honor to work with Gina and her team.
— - Dr. Corvin J. Connolly, Editor in Chief, Cyber Defense Review
The entire team was so helpful and professional, and very patient. They worked quickly to reach all of our deadlines - and when we had delays on our side, they worked with us to help get us moving! Our final publication was beyond fabulous and we have received so many compliments and such positive feedback from it! If you want professional experts working on your project, this is the team to call!
— Jennifer Cutler, Program Manager, Texas A&M University Cybersecurity Center

Want to document your event in words and pictures? Using event transcriptions and event photography, we created this Cyber event proceeding document in magazine format.
Click image to launch the digital version. 

Gina does great work! It is very evident that she cares about the quality of the work her team produces. Building personal relationships are clearly important to her. I would definitely recommend Gina to anyone who asks. She brings a personal touch to each project, treats her clients like VIPs, and personally ensures satisfaction with each final publication she delivers.
— Mitchell Cho, President, FedWriters