This is big picture planning with tangible steps that build momentum.

Is your magazine dream sitting on your heart? You have a great idea of launching an independent monthly/seasonal magazine that you know your community needs and wants, but you just don’t know where or how to begin. What you need, is a plan!

You can practically see your magazine already – it’s just out of reach. You are imagining the articles, the contributors, the photography – maybe you can “see” the cover. Friends and colleagues that you have “whispered” your idea to, have encouraged you and validated your concept. But, that voice in your head is holding you back.

 If just don’t know for sure how to go from whimsy to reality, this training day is for you.


I can help! Join me, Gina Lauria Daschbach, Founder and Creator of PEROOZ, The Brand Magazine Creator for a special VIP business experience designed to help you make your magazine vision become a reality. I will share the exacty first steps your need to begin – and it’s probably not what you think.

This training is Part workshop, part training, part download “brain dump” of 30-years of publication building-expertise. Just enough to quiet the doubt and put you into momentum.

  •  Learn the top 5 mistakes that new magazine publishers make and how to avoid them.

  • Get absolutely clear on your “what and why” for this magazine.

  • Identify who your magazine will serve and how.

  • Learn how to develop a solid budget.

  • Learn what expenses you must plan for and what expenses are often overlooked.

  • Get insight into low cost, but risky options and thoughts on DIY solutions.

  • Get specific steps to guide you in taking inspired action toward your next goals.

  • Do you actually need a print magazine?

  • Plus, get my special Resources PDF for short cuts to tools and tips 



your Playbook WILL GIVE YOU clARITY AND ACTIONABLE steps to guide you in:

  1. Writing your Magazine Executive Brief

  2. Getting Quotations from Creative vendors including printers, designers and editors

  3. Finding qualified and talented freelance resources

  4. Developing your Content and Flow

  5. Crafting your personal design brief

  6. Planning your distribution and fulfillment

  7. Getting quotes from commercial printers

  8. Selling Ads and Building a Media Kit

  9. Photography basics

  10. How to avoid doing your best proofreading after you receive your printed magazines

  11. Creating a marketing buzz about your publication

  12. Digital magazine options

  13. ….and so much more.

 Even if you choose not to go it alone - you will finally know exactly what you’ll need to hire someone else to do it for you.

Your VIP Day with Gina Daschbach is customized to achieve your goals – with a focus on how to create absolutely clarity around your magazine idea - so you can find investor, sponsors, advertisers and contributors.


VIP Session Rates

This is a one-on-one experience that can be achieved in through a Zoom video call or in person (Travel expenses and accommodations apply).  The sessions are 2-1/2 hours long and payment is due in full prior to session.


90 Accountability Follow up Plan is an email option with one 30 minute call additional. $350.00. How great would it be to add a high impact way of nurturing your loyal following and bringing more people into your community without adding more to your to-do list? 


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