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You don’t have to look far to find information about writing a book, automating an email sequence or using social media. Finding information about planning your own magazine is more obscure. And, I want to answer all your questions!

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I've been getting lost in magazines since I was a young girl. I love the way they feel and smell, and how you can easily toss them in a bag, or dog-ear or tear out(!) pages. I love the fact that 65% of magazine readers are inspired to take action after reading something in print!

I feel more human knowing that when we stop the never-ending scroll on our screens for long enough, we can make mindful, informed decisions from a place of confidence. All that, from printed magazines, one of the oldest forms of promotion and storytelling!

Personally, I find it hard to toss hefty, information-rich magazines in the recycling basket - because if I am in possession of a magazine, it's likely a topic that I feel really passionate and connected to. Magazines around my house usually take a tour from the kitchen counter, to the coffee table, to the nightstand and even tote bag. (Ask my husband, lol). And, when I am finally ready to part with a magazine, it's usually because I know there will be another one coming along soon.

I'd love to help you to share your success stories about how you are changing the world. You will love how immersed your audience will become with your content in the form of a special edition magazine. And you will know they are hearing you, because they will become your loyal clients. Magazines are deeply engaging. The mindfulness that happens while reading a magazine - when our phones are not interrupting our brains with notifications, is pretty spectacular - not to mention, scientifically proven!  Magazines are a sophisticated and fun way to keep your audience engaged for longer than brochures or blog posts.

Recent projects include:

  • Inkubated!, an 80 page magazine created for book publishing guru, Angela Lauria, of The Author Incubator

  • Fibromyalgia Coaching Magazine created for Tami Stackelhouse of The International Institute of Fibromyalgia Coaching

  • Expert Speaker Magazine created for The Expert Speaker Institute.

Each of these companies use several other online touch points and have added a print magazine as a way to rise above the noise of digital marketing. Let's find out how you can use magazines to support your storytelling goals.