Learn How Top Entrepreneurs & Coaches Explode Their Brands using Custom Magazines

with almost no time and effort

Is your message getting through
the digital clutter? 


I totally get where you are right now. There is just too much information coming at us. Our own email inboxes are overflowing, our social media newsfeeds are jammed with sponsored posts and it feels like everyone is pitching podcasts or launching books. So, how are you going to get your messages to stand out to your audience?

Most online marketers respond to the problem of too much saturation, by creating even more content. How much more content do you need to convince your audience that you are the true expert, when anyone with a laptop and wifi connection has access to the same tools, even when they have less credibility and experience than you?

It’s frustrating.

Your expertise sets you apart as the authority in your niche. You need a way for your audience to understand the difference you are making for your clients – a way for them to try on the ‘before and after’ impacts of your work. If you could do that, you know that you could help even more people.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could engage your audience with information that informs, entertains and inspires them to really take action - to become your clients or spread the message of being a loyal part of your community?

How great would it be to add a high impact way of nurturing your loyal following and bringing more people into your community without adding more to your to-do list? 

We can help with a solution that is really bold and different. And, above all leaves a lasting impression. It’s an uncrowded space that creates a “sticky” connection with your brand. Only the top 1% of coaching and entrepreneurs are doing it - and not many are talking about it.

Custom branded content magazines tell your whole story cover-to-cover. In print, they will complete change how your content is remembered.

Here are just 2 reasons why:

  • 64% of Magazine Readers take some type of inspired action.

  • Information in print is remembered 70% more than online messaging.

Facts like these inspired me to launch my business, PEROOZ | The Magazine Creator. I am on a mission to show serious entrepreneurs, like you, how you can set your brand on fire and get more business with a gorgeously designed, luxuriously printed, special edition magazine created exclusively for you, about your programs and the clients you have helped.

Your own custom magazine, will bring your audience an undeniably deep, meaningful connection with you.  It will be a tangible and lasting part of the brand legacy you leave behind.



This is not one more project for you team. We know your time is already stretched to capacity, and if you give one more thing to your team they might quit! So we developed our signature, Perooz Production and Publishing Process to get this done for you.

Our clients love that this takes zero time and energy on their part and they get something so distinctively creative and boldly innovative - that no one else has. The results will engage your community, win more sales and promote you as the authority in your niche - all while being no extra work for you!

Here’s what working with Perooz looks like……

  1. After your initial Onboarding Call, we settle on your content, theme and audience goals.

  2. Our professional copy editors repurpose your existing content from blogs, website, podcast and other sources.

  3. Our art team creates a unique design on brand that you and your audience will love spending time with.

  4. We publish and deliver your magazine in an interactive, online format that you can embed on your website, share through social media and use for product launches and lead gathering.

  5. Choose from optional printing quantities and delivery strategies to get physical magazines to your readers.

Fibromyalgia Coach Magazine_mockjup.jpg

We start by…

  • Developing your magazine title, custom cover and a table of contents

  • We build your welcome letter, program articles, client success stories and perhaps coverage from your live event, among other things.

  • We include calls to action because we know that when a reader sees it in print, they take action.

  • In about 6-8 weeks, we’ll have crafted a sleek magazine that your loyal community will be clamoring for.

  • We develop your magazine to be “evergreen”, which means the content will be presented in fresh way, so that it doesn’t get dated too quickly. Most of clients consider it an annual investment.

Why Custom Magazines?

  • Magazines readers take action on offers and become loyal followers of your community. People in magazines are looked to as trust advisors and niche authorities.

  • You could wait for Entrepreneur or Inc Magazine to tap you on the shoulder and ask to feature you and your successful clients in their magazine – or – you can put yourself on the cover of your own magazine telling the stories you want your audience to hear - Cover to Cover!

  • Custom branded magazines are a bold and unique way to position your business, services, programs or even high-end products, to be deliberately legendary and to be seen as the go-to expert.

Branded content magazines aren't for everyone, but they might just be for you. That's why we developed this fun, 5-minute Quiz. You’ll get an overview of your business strategies as they relate content assets and future goals. At the end of quiz you'll have a chance to schedule a Free Strategy Session call with a member of the Perooz Publishing team.

How Do You Get Your Magazine into THE Hands of Your Audience?


This is the fun part. We can go over some distribution strategies on our first Strategy and Vision Call. Here are just a few tactics we have used successfully:

  • Health Coaches leave magazines in doctor’s offices

  • Presenters place them at each place setting before a keynote breakfast/luncheons

  • Consultants send them as part of a welcome kit

  • Life Coaches distribute them at retreats/events

There are so many creative and powerful options. I bet you are already thinking about a few… 

Your PEROOZ MAGAZINE Project Includes: 

  • Content Strategy, Copyediting, Design, Layout and Online Publishing

  • Formats/Page Counts - 8, 16, 36 or 52 pages

  • Content and copy re-crafted from your branded content (blogs, emails, podcasts, videos, websites) by expert copywriters and editors.

  • Your professional photography assets - especially for cover and client stories.

  • Our supporting stock photos curated by our team to support your stories.

  • Distribution strategy and coordination for shipping or individual mailing

  • Optional Printing: High quality, full-color, high resolution printing for brilliant reproduction. Luxurious 80# silk cover stock, with coating for heft and protection, 100# silk text stock for readability and feel, Square edge-perfect binding on magazines over 36 pages.


Here’s why you need to decide now.

The Perooz Magazine process is unique and designed to be an exclusive, VIP experience. Each business quarter we accept 6 projects into our production schedule. Availability is very limited, because it is a personal, hand-crafted experience. We give your magazine the full-attention attention needed to move quickly through the milestones and production schedule.

If you are considering a brand magazine, take the Perooz Assessment that we developed to help identify we are a fit work together smoothly.

You'll get your results instantly and once completed, we can book a strategy call and talk in more detail about your goals.

IS ANYTHING LIKE THIS HAPPENING for the remainder of this year?

  • Conferences filled with your audiences

  • Retreats that you will host for your community

  • In-person workshops where you will present

  • Old leads in need of some attention

  • Conferences you wish you could attend

  • Clients you want to retain for VIP programs

Think carefully about the value of these events and what you have already invested. Can you get more mileage out of them by using a print magazine to leave a lasting impression? What will it cost NOT to put your message directly into the hands of your audience.

 Hi, I’m Gina Lauria Daschbach  


I was 18 years old and working for my dad's specialty car business, when I saw first hand what it meant for our bottom line to be on the cover of a magazine. Later, while working for a tech company, I saw it again. But, I grew frustrated that “winning” that coveted cover position was usually rare. And it drove me crazy to see my competitors get the spotlight, so I created a magazine of our own, featuring our clients and products and used our ad budget to have it ride along with the trade magazine into the mailboxes of our audience. It was an immensely successful strategy!

It took me a while to circle back to that idea and to finally create PEROOZ | The Magazine Creator.

I love taking a classic advertising channel, like a magazine, and presenting it in a bold and surprising, new way - so that you can tell your story cover to cover.

How valuable would it be to establish trust from your community, and to be the go-to authority in your niche?

If you are like most business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches you have been thinking about social media campaigns, website updates and video - and never considered the massive possibilities of a custom magazine - in print, no less. This is a unique - done for you initiative. 

Consider this...

  • How valuable would it be to spend 25-45 minutes with your ideal client engaged in your message?

  • How do you feel when you imagine someone mindlessly swiping through a web page or blog post on their phone, while work email notifications and text messages are popping up. Now, imagine your ideal client sitting down with a cup of coffee and a printed magazine all about you, your services and your wildly transformed and successful clients.

  • What if, instead of trying to get your story heard, you got your story HELD? A custom magazine of your own is going to be a game changer!

Take the first step, it’s free, there’s no obligation. It is designed to help you to identify if a custom magazine is right for you. If it is, let’s get started right away before all my spots for 2018 are filled.

Are You Ready for your audience to stop swiping through your posts and start engaging with your message?